Who We Are

rescue.kinsta.cloud is the largest network of Kenya’s best first responders. Our memberships give you access to our professional medical dispatchers who are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In an emergency, rescue.kinsta.cloud members only need to dial one number to reach our 24/7 dispatch centre, who will select the best care from every responder in our network and quickly dispatch the closest and most appropriate responders. This means you now only need to dial one number to get help.

Fixing the Issue with Response Times

Average response times in Kenya can be extremely slow, with patients spending hours on the phone just to reach an available provider.

rescue.kinsta.cloud is powered by Flare technology. Flare’s tracking and dispatch features have put Kenya’s best responders onto one map, meaning that we can find and dispatch – within minutes – the closest ambulance to you.

You no longer need to call hundreds of numbers or wait for hours to receive help in an emergency. Instead, sign up for rescue.kinsta.cloud and we’ll make sure to get you the best responders with the best response times, should you ever need a rescue.

In an emergency, when every minute matters, you should not need to search for who to call. You should be able to call just one number to reach the closest ambulance. At rescue.kinsta.cloud, we help you understand in real-time – considering both traffic and availability of ambulances – the fastest and best route to care.

Our vision is that no matter who you are or where you are, emergency help is only minutes away. To achieve this vision, we work with the best emergency response providers to make this a reality.”

– the rescue.kinsta.cloud dispatch team
rescue.kinsta.cloud dispatchers in our 24/7 dispatch centre in Nairobi.

How it works

rescue.kinsta.cloud is powered by Flare Emergency Response Technology, an emergency response technology company that works with different providers in Kenya to put the best emergency responders onto the same map.

Through its innovative tracking and dispatching systems, Flare is able to see real-time, and with real-time traffic estimates, the closest ambulances to you and your fastest route to care.

Our vision is that world-class emergency response is readily available to all of us. At rescue.kinsta.cloud, we work with only the best providers, ensuring you arrive to receive the best care with minimal wait times.

Our Partners

We work with the best providers in Kenya to make sure we have the best coverage, best quality, and the best response times.

Join us

Are you a first responder or ambulance services provider? Join our network! Together, we expand our reach throughout Kenya, growing your business while helping more patients in their time of need.

To join as a first responder on our network, contact us at info@rescue.co or +254-715-929-401.

To sign up for a membership, simply check out the membership section to sign up for yourself, your family or your team.


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